A word about the GOT Season 5 Finale…..

Since I started this blog half way into the fifth Season of Game of Thrones, it didn’t feel right to me to just out of nowhere start blogging about the episodes without providing a whole seasons worth of reviews.


Having just saw the season 5 finale “Mother’s Mercy” of Game of Thrones, I needed to vent out the many MANY MANY problems I had with the way this episode wrapped things up. Let me point out that I have only been watching the show and have not read the books so please keep that in mind as most of my nitpicks might occur into the show though be different in the books.

(If you want to skip the poop and get to the real reason I’m writing this, just scroll down to the end)

FIRST, Sansa and Reek (a.k.a Theon GreyJoy). Initially, I was glad Sansa was gonna stop being…well “Sansa” and take charge of herself for once. From friends and comments on the internet, Sansa was long overdue for a personality change that could give her character more depth and interesting story lines. However, the show ends her part after a near fatal confrontation and Reek intervenes, saving her. What was the last thing we see the two doing? Reek leads Sansa to the edge of the high castle walls of Winterfell and, while holding hands, jump…. And that’s it! Did they commit suicide? Did they land on a very thick haystack? How can you let something so climatic end so…well not even end. This being the season finale, it would have made sense to see what happened? If they survived, why not show it and then see them wander into an unknown fate instead of leaving the fans wondering if they’re still alive or not??

SECOND, Daenerys Targaryen. This is the least offending problem for me, but like the Sansa and Reek storyline, I didn’t just like how it ended, but I didn’t like how Dany was portrayed by the time we see the last of her. After being saved by Dorgon (who reminded me of me whenever my mom tells me to clean my room, he’s a lazy dragon lol), Dany is stuck in a meadow. Tired and harmed from saving Dany, Drogon is not ready to fly off back to Meereen . Dany is forced to scout by herself and find out where she is exactly. Suddenly, a tribe that resembles closely to (or it could quite possible be) the Dothraki. Where the problem lies is that there was a shot of Dany removing a ring (probably her wedding band to her late hubby Khal Drogo, who was of the Dothraki tribe) and then she stands helpless as the tribe surrounds her in their horses. This kinda tears down the the fierce and take-no-shit Khaleesi that we knew and love. She almost resembled herself in the beginning of the series. Worried and hesitant of whats to come.

THIRD, Myrcella. This was not in particular something wrong with the episode, but still… come the fuck on Ellaria. You could have just dropped it, but no you just had to kill Myrcella with the cheap kiss of death trick. You do know they could turn ships around right? You don’t think Jaime and Bron might retaliate? You have any idea how much deeper shit you got yourself into??Okay, sorry, that was just a bit irritating

LAST AND DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, JON SNOW. Like probably every Game of Thrones fan, show AND book, we just have to ask. WHAT. IN. THE. FLYING. FUCK??? Where do i begin??? First you choose to put this segment as the LAST segment of the SEASON FINALE. A season finale, if I’m not mistaken, is supposed to the either hype us up for the next season or provide unknown fate to get us to know what happens next. This is exactly the opposite what killing Jon Snow off does to the show. I DO NOT feel excited for the next episode. Instead, I am contemplating whether I should keep watching or not. Second, why even put this in the SEASON FINALE. Eddark Stark didn’t die in the season finale. The Red Wedding didn’t occur in the season finale. You wanna know why? Because those events destroy us and by giving us one more episode to see how those deaths affect the show, we feel like there could be more this show can offer us. Instead, like I said before, it doesn’t create anticipation for the next season, it only creates doubt whether this show is even trying to be brilliant. Third, WHY? I get that the show is trying to stray away from the books. I get it. You can’t cram hundreds of pages in just ten hours. But what does Jon Snow’s death accomplish? Did you just want more time for other characters so we can expand the GOT universe? Then why didn’t you do what you did with Bran and just cut him off the season altogether? I really want to know what artistic merit killing Jon Snow bring. It doesn’t even feel like his death was part of a larger narrative, it just felt like it was just done for shock value. From what I heard, he’s still alive in the books (again, if I get this wrong, feel free to correct me on this) and he seems like a character with much more story to cover. Story that now thanks to show we will never find out (Spoiler alert: apparently Jon could be part Targaryen. Would have love to see that unfold i the show). Lastly, I think he died in the shittiest way possible. It wasn’t even that I was saddened by his death like the Ed and the Red Wedding, it was more that I was furious that he died in such a pathetic manner. If you were to die in the hands of your enemy, there’s a certain nobility in it. You were outmatched, you lose. It happens. But having your so called friends (a.k.a The Night’s Watch) stab you like you’re Caesar with a post labeling you as “traitor” is just PATHETIC. If Jon were to die, I would have hoped that he would die in battle or you know? Fighting along with his “brothers”. But no, he makes a few unpopular decision and he gets the axe (or knives so to speak). The only comforting thoughts I have is now at least he’s with Ygritte and hopefully (and by hopefully I mean this better happen or else I’m seriously not coming back to this show) the Wildlings find out about Jon’s death and destroy the Night’s Watch from within. Oh I hope Olly (the little prick boy who lures Jon to his execution) goes the same way his family did: death by Wildlings!!

*exhales heavily That is all


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