The Force is Back Baby!! (Non-Spoiler The Force Awakens Review)

Just in case the title didn’t give it away, I will avoid spoilers since I did see the film’s Thursday premiere. With that out of the way….


Back in ’99, the hype for The Phantom Menace was no less different than the amount of hype built up for The Force Awakens. Alas, we all know what all the hype for Phantom Menace led to. (And we will never forget). That’s what frightened me about The Force Awakens. Sure, the trailers were awesome but the same could be said about The Phantom Menace. Even videos of Phantom‘s trailer being screened and applauded got me thinking: “Will The Force Awakens end up into that same path?”

Thankfully (Thank God thankfully I’ll add) the hype for The Force Awakens is hype well placed. THIS was the kind of Star Wars film we all wanted in the prequel trilogy and director J.J. Abrams delivers the goods.

The sense of excitement is there. The danger is lurking. The stakes feel high. And the film perfectly mixes the sense of nostalgia while also leaving room for the new cast to take center stage for this new trilogy. Let me quickly get the original cast members out of the way….

We are all aware of the return of Ford, Fisher, Hamill and others and I know is going to be in every moviegoers mind while seeing the film. But for those fearing that they will just be some cheap cameos who don’t offer much of the story, have no fear. Again without spoiling everything, all the original characters actually serve a plot purpose, some albeit a shorter purpose than others, but still they’re not just in the back seat. I especially love the way how ALL of them get introduced and it’ll get some fanboys and fangirls to lose their cool as they show up in the big screen again after as their iconic roles. That’s all I’ll say in risk of unintentionally revealing something, but now onto to the NEW cast….

It’s a literal passing of the torch. The new cast are new characters, yet they all fit so well into the Star Wars adventure, we quickly accept them and are happy to ride alone with them. We have Daisy Ridley as Rey, the scavenger who has a bigger role in the universe than she initially believed. Ridley is a standout and shows off her bad ass chops here which is much welcomed. We have David Boyega as Finn, the stormtrooper who becomes reluctant of his role in the First Order (succeeding the Empire) and strays off. Boyega is both really engaging and funny in this role. We have Oscar Issac as Poe, the snarky and talented pilot who is part of the Resistance, the successor of the Rebel Alliance. We could have used more of him, but hey! We still have two more films to go! We got BB-8, the spheric droid who ends up kicking the story off and shares R2D2’s sense of humor and quirkiness. I am seriously contemplating buying that remote control BB-8. And we have Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, the new baddie in the galaxy who has more going for him than the trailers will let you realize. He’s a pretty interesting character and no Darth Vader, in the sense that he’s not driven for the same reasons Vader was but still menacing in his own right

Once again, in risk of revealing too much details, I won’t delve in too much into the plot itself. However, I am extremely satisfied in saying that The Force Awakens was worth the wait and definitely worth an extra viewing or two (as I plan to do). The Star Wars universe is back and better than ever. I am both excited and afraid for what they have to offer next in the trilogy. But for now, their off to one HELL of a good start…..



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