Daredevil Be Damned! (DareDevil Season 2 Review)


Now that a week has passed since the premiere of Daredevil’s highly anticipated second season, now may be a good time to freely vent out my thoughts on it without concern for spoiling anything

Daredevil season 1 proved that Marvel and Netflix are a match made in heaven like peanut butter and jelly, with Marvel’s Jessica Jones also to show for it. It wasn’t held by the bounds of a PG-13 censorship like it’s movie counterpart, which allowed freedom to tell the story faithfully and at a modest pace, while still providing a thrill ride. Oh and hell of a lot bloodier I must say

The main cast still brings their A-game this season. Charlie Cox is still astounding playing Matt Murdock/Daredevil, who now has more on his plate this season as his personal life and vigilante life collide, all while a new threat is looming in Hell’s Kitchen. Eden Henson’s Foggy Nelson is still the likable, snarky and concern friend who now knows Matt’s double life and struggles to Nelson & Murdock afloat. Debora Ann Woll’s Karen Page definitely earns some street cred this season as she becomes more involved with The Punisher than any other character this season (more on that to come).

With Season 2, we are introduced with newcomers characters who will take center stage alongside the main cast. Elodie Yung is captivating as Elektra who proves to be the worst kind of girlfriend you still want to keep around. She returns into Matt Murdock’s life in need of assistance with her criminal-ish activities. Acting as temptation personified, Elektra complicates Matt’s already rising turmoils as she strives for things to be like they were before. Though we grow to like her, she wants to make it certainly clear that she is no hero and has no problem with that

Probably the biggest highlight and source of praise is Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle/The Punisher and I couldn’t be happier to report that Bernthal is PERFECT for the role. As a fan of The Walking Dead (seasons 1-4 only), I was hyped after hearing that Bernthal would don the skull faced T-shirt in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s perfect playing a man who loses his humanity after his family dies from gang related violence and wages a war on crime. Though I did enjoy 2004’s The Punisher with Thomas Jane (look up Dirty Laundry for a better example), Bernthal’s Punisher is much more menacing, brutal and human at times.

Part of what I think makes the second season great is that it questions Matt Murdock’s actions and makes him reconsider what vigilantism means. With Elektra and Frank Castle joining the fray as two different vigilantes, this not only makes Matt question his actions, but Karen and Foggy’s perceptions on crime fighters as well. This is made more apparent when the Nelson & Murdock team takes Frank’s defense case and opinions are divided over whether Frank’s means justify the ends. I’ve always enjoyed the hero-questioning-their-actions story arcs as it tends to play out different and provides exceptional character development. For Matt, Frank repulses him with his actions while Elektra seduces him into it. Each of them provide a pivotal scene that brings Matt a step closer to his true nature; Frank’s conversation with Daredevil while chained to a wall and Elektra’s near death experience from the poisoned sword.

However, the true antagonist this season is The Hand, an undercover group of ninjas who are involved with organized crime and are driven by the idea of immortality. They provide a mystical sense of menace that pushes Daredevil to the edge. Did I mention they are led by Nobu? (the ninja who bested Daredevil multiple times in the first season). Despite this, I feel like they were the weakest link in the season. Sure they were dangerous enough to have Stick return (who is still as ambitiously motivated as ever), but I felt let down by their pretense in the series and they almost come off as another group of ninjas out to terrorize the city (kinda like The Foot….Hey, wait a minute!!).

Overall, this season still brought the tension, action, the well placed humor and grit that made it such a phenomenon in the first place. With some cameos and easter eggs sprinkled here and there, this season should satisfy viewers familiar with the comics, the series or people who haven’t seen it and are curious (please do, it is great!). Now to wait a full year for Season 3. PLEASE MAKE BULLSEYE THE VILLAIN!! I WANNA FORGET ABOUT COLIN FARRELL!!

Rating 8/10



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