Why am I doing this?

Especially, since I’m not the first to make a film review blog? Well, I think the more points of view the better! Hi, my name is Brian Enciso and I am a hopeful director and film buff. Right off the bat and so you know what my taste in films are, here are my personal Top 10 Favorite Films of All Time:

1.) Back to the Future

2.) Punch Drunk Love

3.) Sherlock Jr

4.) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

5.) The Mask

6.) Aladdin

7.) The Social Network

8.) Waiting…

9.) Little Miss Sunshine

10.) Dawn of the Dead

I actually have a Top 20s list, but I won’t take up more space. Anyways! I always had a taste for expressing myself about a movie and a blog would best suit me in doing so.

Another reason I’m doing this is because film critics can be unreliable. Case in point: The Babadook and It Follows.  I won’t delve to much into my opinions about these films (I might do a review on them sometime later and explain in more detail), but they were great examples of films that had a lot of critics buzzing acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes while fan opinion might think otherwise. I want to act as an everyman in movies and hope that might opinions in films are more leaning towards the general public rather than what the critics say.

Also, aside from just movies that have been released, I will also review films I haven’t seen yet that I managed to see to offer my followers more options (If you want, I can take requests too!). I’ll also be reviewing TV shows episodes by episodes as I watch them. Here are my top favorites:

1.) Breaking Bad

2.) Firefly

3.) Clone High

4.) Game of Thrones


I’ll let you know, what shows I’m watching as I cannot watch every show in the world (but a man can dream…)

I might give some inputs about what’s going on in the entertainment biz if I’m really ardent about it

Thanks for coming! Hope I see you again! (I mean, I won’t actually see you but- you get the point)


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